About Us

New Day started delivering fresh local groceries in the early days of the pandemic, when shopping was pretty strange. We tried a new model: bringing together local business owners looking for new sales outlets with families finding new ways to shop. 

We bring you farmers market favorites along with fresh offerings from local bakeries and restaurants, sourcing from our community, for our community.

Our Story

We’re a coop that grew out of a partnership between two coops. Members of Patty Pan and Equal Exchange, two worker-owned companies, started having some interesting conversations early in the pandemic, when food businesses were scrambling and looking for new ways to reach customers, and restaurants, cafes, and farmers markets were shutting down.

The original partnership between Patty Pan and Equal Exchange has grown into a collaboration of over 40 local and mission-driven companies. With the help of our customers, friends, and producers, we’ve opened a storefront in the Maple Leaf neighborhood, for order pickup and in person shopping.

Why A Coop?

When you shop with New Day, you purchase directly from the small business owners who put their grit and savvy into crafting your groceries. New Day producers own this business, pooling resources for delivery and infrastructure so we’ll have more time and energy to focus on things that matter, like cooking and farming and spending time with our families.

Our Founders

Devra Gartenstein

Dev is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated small food businesses for over 30 years, including Patty Pan Cooperative, which she ran as a sole proprietorship before converting it to a worker-owned cooperative in 2013.

Rachel Linkhart

Rachel is a graduate of Bastyr University where she earned a BS in Nutrition & Culinary Arts. She brings her experience in both retail management and food production to her position as General Manager at New Day. Until mid-2020, she was a worker-owner at Patty Pan Cooperative and loved vending at the Ballard Farmers Market.

Our Board

Michaele Blakely, Growing Things Farm
Devra Gartenstein, New Day co-founder, Patty Pan Cooperative founder
Juliana de Groot, Food Systems Specialist, former worker-owner at Patty Pan Cooperative
Justus Jessen, Kaffeeklatsch
Rachel Linkhart, New Day co-founder, General Manager
Hilary Maler, Zylberschtein’s
Delicatessen & Bakery
Michael Pinckney, Pinckney Cookie Cafe